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The history books document the Bealsville community as a community settled by freed slaves in the year 1865.

The history books document the Bealsville community as a community settled by freed slaves in the year 1865. They state that twelve original families of Peter Dexter, Bryant Horton, Roger Smith, Robert Story, Isaac Berry, Mills Holloman, Sam Horton, grandfather of O. V. Hargrett, Sr., Mary Reddick, Jerry Stephens, Neptune Henry, Steven Allen, and Abe Messenger, upon gaining their freedom, remained on their former slave owner’s plantation to plan their futures. Peter Dexter, a skilled surveyor, Smith, Stephens, Reddick and Horton searched for property for home sites for the settlers. The Southern Homestead Act of 1866 enabled the families to acquire property ranging from 40 to 160 acres.



William A. Glover

After pleading for a new school failed during the 1930’s failed, Bealsville residents raised $1,000 dollars and donated over ten acres of land for a new school. This structure was then renamed Glover School after the resident William A. Glover whose family donated the land the school is currently located. As a result a three room block building was constructed by the county and pupils from Keysville, Hopewell, Coronet and Trapnell were transported to the Glover Center. In 1945, a three room block building was constructed. In 1949, a second wooden structure was moved onto the campus. In 1954, another four rooms were built to provide for educational growth, with grades 1-9 operational.

Alfred Beal

Alfred Beal was born November 25, 1859 to Mary Reddick. Alfred worked his mother’s farm until 1884. He married Esther Horton in Hillsborough County and begun his own family in 1879. Esther Horton was the daughter of Bryant and Olive Horton. In July of 1884, the couple claimed a homestead near Mary Riddick’s homestead. In 1923, the community was officially named Bealsville in honor of Alfred Beal, who is credited with helping to keep ownership of area properties in local hands.

Esther passed away on December 24, 1908 and Alfred passed away on November 25, 1948..

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