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The community’s first public school, which was called Jamison School, was established approximately around the year 1873.

The community’s first public school, which was called Jamison School, was established approximately around the year 1873. A two–room structure was built shortly after the civil war on property adjacent to the cemetery donated by Mr. Alfred Beal. Students from the first to fifth grades were taught in these two rooms by Mr. Joe Mathias who served as the first teacher. This new school quickly became a central point of activity in this small community. Although some students came from surrounding communities, Bealsville students were often in classes with and taught by cousins, neighbors, and fellow church members. Local people staffed the lunchroom and made up most of the custodial staff. Close relationships were formed between students, teachers, administrators, and parents in this environment. This was the ideal community school that reigns positively in popular nostalgia. As the student enrollment increased, a third was established at Antioch Baptist Church.
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Partial Listing of Additional Jamison Students:

Opalee Holloman Anderson, Enise Berry Anderson, Bernita Smith Bobo, Rudy Curry Williams, Milton L. Curry, Eva Mae Holloman Baker, Barney Chester Holloman, Emma Lee Holloman Davis, Mary Dell Dexter White, Delphina Dexter Broadnax, Alphonso Holloman, Jasper Martin, Hazel Holloman Gainer, Joshua Holloman, Nathaniel Holloman, Adam Holloman, Laura Mae Patterson Williams, Audrey Holloman Wright, Hetor Berry, Horry Berry, David Berry, Gettis Berry, Corney Berry, Roy Berry, Rena Cunningham Turner, Beulah Cunningham, Jonny White, Ovid V. Hargrett, Sr., Leola Berry McDonald, Loretha Beal Glenn, Belton Beal, Alfred Beal, W. O. Beal, Henretta Bryant, Joseph Broadnax, W. B. Berry, Lessie Berry Hutchinson, Juanita Berry, Columbus Berry, Joel Lundy, Wallace Patterson, Phostella Patterson Bowers, Mellie Lawton, Elijah Holloman, Eddie Holloman, Edgar Berry, Maude Williams, Bertha Mae Veron, Arthur Wright, Carrie Bell Corbett, Haywood Wright

1964 Glover School Faculty: Altamease Nickson, Ethel Glover, Theola Hall, Clyde Allen, Beatrice Crowell, Leola McDonald, Ida Mae Price White, Juanita Berry, Geraldine Berry

1964 Glover School P.T.A. Officers: Rev. Samuel Hicks, Mrs. Ethella Holloman, Mr. Arthur Wright, Mrs. Eddie Mae Brown, Mrs. Bertha Ingram